It’s common knowledge that your environment affects your mood. For example, the color green helps you feel positive

That’s why choosing the right playroom design and decor for your child is so important. It needs to be a place that encourages play, focus, and where they feel safe. Their playroom should be somewhere where they make some of their happiest childhood memories.

That sounds like a tall order for one small room! But it’s 100% doable with these great playroom design tips and ideas. 

1. Channel Scandi Chic Style

Scandi playroom design may look boring to some parents because the color palette for this style is monochrome. But white and gray aren’t boring, they’re classic. And this style of playroom decor will create a blank canvas to help keep your child’s mind calm.

Invest in a durable dark gray carpet and choose a geometric white wallpaper. Put a white tipi tent in one corner for quiet reading and opt for white wicker baskets as toy storage. Install black bookshelves and fairy lights to make the room feel homier and cozier.

2. Encourage Your Mini Explorer

Want to instill a love of adventure in your child? You can do that by choosing a wanderlust-inspiring room design.

Choose 3D wall murals wallpaper with mountains, rivers, and trees. Fill their soft toy basket with animals from all over the world. Choose a world map corkboard and encourage your child to stick postcards and other souvenirs from your travels onto it.

Instead of using toy boxes to store their things, find vintage leather suitcases in thrift stores. Hang Mexican piƱatas from their ceiling and display Russian dolls on their shelves. Find other toys from different cultures for them to play with too.

3. Focus on Functionality

If you have older children, then their playroom might need to fulfill more than one use. It might need to be a homework and study room as well as a place where friends can stay over. 

Invest in a day bed that can also be a cozy reading nook. Create a bookshelf feature wall so there is tons of room for books and other educational tools. You could install cabinets along the bottom half of the wall to hide toys away.

Use neutral colors like gray and navy for the color palette. This is so that your child doesn’t grow out of their playroom design in one or two years!

4. Go Crazy With Color

Minimalism is a popular modern design trend and it looks great. But if you miss the days when a child’s playroom was an explosion of color and pattern then go for it!

Choose a rainbow theme and opt for toy boxes of different colors that you can stack together. Paint a huge rainbow onto white walls and hang a fun multicolored wall hanging on a different one. Choose bed sheets and throw pillows with clashing colors, patterns, and textures.

Choose a Playroom Design That’s Fun and Creative

Whether you prefer monochrome and minimalist or colorful and kitschy, there is a cool playroom design out there for your child. 

So you’ve chosen the playroom decor, but what about the room decor elsewhere in your house? Don’t worry, our home and real estate articles have tons of design ideas and advice!

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