In order to get beautiful eyelashes, there are a couple things you should know and do. These nine tips will make a huge difference.

In recent years, eyelash extensions have exploded in popularity, inspiring new products and services to maintain lashes. Whether you have extensions or not, it’s clear that lashes can make an impact on our confidence and appearance overall.

But not everyone has beautiful eyelashes. Some struggle with lash loss, super-straight eyelashes, or short and barely-there hairs.

Thankfully, there are ways to give yours a boost. Open your eyes to these nine essential tips for beautiful eyelashes.

1. Use a Serum

If growing longer eyelashes is your goal, look to lash-enhancing serums.

There are several serums on the market promising stronger and longer lashes using vitamins, amino acids, peptides, and other beneficial ingredients. And all you have to do is apply the serum to your lashes at night or before applying makeup.

In some cases, lashes can become temporarily dependent on serums for growth. That means that if you stop using them, you may notice some temporary lash loss. Keep that in mind and try to stay committed to your serum for long-lasting results.

2. Throw Out Your Old Mascara

Like food, beauty products have an expiration date. For makeup, it usually depends on when you opened the product. From that point, the clock starts ticking.

For mascara, it’s best to throw it out from around the three-month mark.

Even if you can still scrape out some old mascara from the bottom of the tube, it doesn’t mean you should use it. Not only might it contain harmful bacteria, but it’s also more likely to start drying out, which will make your pretty eyelashes look clumpy.

If you notice your mascara seems sticky, lumpy, or smells strange, be sure to replace it with a fresh tube.

3. Be Careful When Curling

Curling your eyelashes can instantly make your eyes look wider and brighter. But curling lashes can also cause damage or even hair loss.

Use your eyelash curler gently. Apply soft pressure, starting at the root and squeezing three times. Then pull the curler to the middle of your lashes and pulse three times again. Finally, repeat near the tips.

You can also heat your curler with a blow dryer or even use an electric heated curling wand (specially designed for lashes) to get a strong curl with minimal damage.

4. Moisturize

You moisturize your skin and hair, but what about your eyelashes?

Try moisturizing your lashes with oils like olive oil, coconut oil, and castor oil.

Some believe these oils may promote growth, but whether that’s true or not is still up for debate. However, you can count on these rich oils for lash hydration and protection.

Use a clean eyelash spoolie to brush and coat the hairs with oil. Be careful to avoid getting any oil in your eyes. Then, let it dry as it softens and moisturizes your eyelashes.

5. Brush Your Lashes

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably never thought of brushing your eyelashes.

But brushing your eyelashes may be the secret to better growth. Brushing lashes from the root can help increase circulation, which may support quicker hair growth.

And brushing your lashes can also help them grow straight and high, instead of growing in the wrong direction or pointing down.

Grab a brush made for lashes, and comb them daily. Bonus: brush lashes before applying mascara for clump-free application!

6. Choose the Right Mascara

No matter what your eyelash concern is, there’s a mascara that can help.

Some mascaras are packed with vitamins and other growth-supporting ingredients for those craving stronger lashes. Others are formulated for volume or a lengthening effect.

Opt for a nourishing mascara when possible, avoiding parabens and other harsh chemicals. And to prevent damage when removing makeup, go for a formula that isn’t waterproof.

7. Apply Mascara Like a Makeup Artist

After you’ve found the perfect mascara for you, apply it like the pros.

Many makeup artists start with a primer before applying mascara. Then, apply the first coat starting at the eyelash roots. Use a wiggling motion to get each individual hair.

Add a second coat, this time starting at the tips instead.

Then, apply a light coat of mascara to bottom lashes.

Step back from the mirror and check your work. If you find any clumps, use a lash comb to carefully separate. And if you have any bare spots, draw in a little eyeliner to fill in the gap.

8. Get Help If You Need It

It’s okay to ask for a little help if your eyelashes just aren’t naturally long and beautiful.

False eyelashes and eyelash extensions are commonplace in today’s world of beauty. And there are fake lash options that are temporary, semi-permanent, DIY, and more.

Try an eyelash extension kit for everything you need to make your lashes look longer and fuller than ever.

9. Always Use Makeup Remover

You’ve enhanced your lashes and made them pop with flawless mascara application.

But at the end of the day, it’s crucial to not overlook removing that makeup. That way, you avoid product build-up and irritation around the eyes.

Find a makeup remover that is designed to be used on the eyes. Soak a cotton pad or soft towel with the makeup remover, and press (don’t rub!) it into your closed eyes.

Avoid tugging or scratching at the eyes and eyelashes, which can damage skin and cause lashes to fall out.

Then, follow up with your regular face washing routine.

Bat Those Beautiful Eyelashes

From nourishing ingredients to lengthening extensions, there are several ways to improve the look of your lashes. Use these nine essential tips for fuller, longer, and more beautiful eyelashes.

Now that you’ve learned how to enhance your lashes, find out other life-changing makeup and beauty tips. Head over to my fashion and beauty articles for more inspiration!In order to get beautiful eyelashes, there are a couple things you should know and do. These nine tips will make a huge difference.

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