portable dab rig

An easily portable rig is essential for those who want to dab on the go. Look for one with a carrying case to protect it from damage during transit.

Some rigs come with percolators that cool the smoke for a smoother hit. These are perfect for those who like to dab in social settings.

Easy to Clean

The most important feature to look for in a portable dab rig is how easy it is to clean. A traditional rig requires a torch and can be difficult to handle and care for, especially when traveling. On the other hand, an electronic dab rig doesn’t require a flame and can be much easier to manage.

The first step in cleaning a dab rig is to run hot water through it. This helps to loosen up the gunk and begins to dissolve the bonds that hold it in place. Next, remove the nail and banger, and plug any remaining holes in the rig with a towel or cotton balls.

Next, prepare your cleaning solution by mixing isopropyl alcohol with coarse salt. You can also find special solutions that are targeted specifically for cleaning bongs and rigs, which usually have salt already mixed in. Then, use a dabber tool and a rag to scrub away the gunk and wipe down the surfaces of the rig and nail. After rinsing with clean water, you’re ready to reassemble your dab rig.


Whether you’re purchasing a new or used rig, you want to be sure it will hold up to regular use and travel. You’ll also need a quality carrying case to ensure your rig remains safe during transit. Look for a case slightly larger than the rig and well-padded to protect it from any bumps or scrapes during transport.

Check out the warranty and customer service options when shopping for a new electric dab rig. This will give you an idea of how reliable and trustworthy the brand or seller is. You’ll also want to choose a model with a long-lasting battery to avoid constantly recharging it.

The main advantage of an e-rig is that it can precisely heat concentrates to your ideal temperature. This allows you to extract the terpenes without scorching or destroying them fully. It also makes the overall experience much smoother and more enjoyable. Many e-rigs online offer features like haptic feedback, a long-lasting battery, and pass-through charging.

Adjustable Temperature

A good dab rig should be able to adjust the temperature to accommodate various concentrates. This allows for optimal vaporization and flavor while maintaining a safe temperature to avoid damaging the waxes, oils, and other extracts.

The best portable dab rigs offer precise control and the ability to select your desired temperature settings. Lower temperatures can help preserve the terpenes, while higher temps will help release the cannabinoids.

A top-of-the-line electric dab rig will allow you to easily select your preferred temperature with just one button. This affordable device has a slim and lightweight design that is perfect for taking on the go and capable of easily heating wax, shattering, or crumbling. It also has a carb cap to keep your nail and atomizer at the ideal temperature, saving you from carrying another dabbing tool. Visit your local cannabis dispensary to browse a range of portable dab rigs and learn about the best products for your needs from judgment-free experts.


A portable dab rig is the perfect way to take your cannabis experience on the go. These devices eliminate the need for a torch and are usually smaller than traditional rigs, making them more discreet and easy to use. Plus, they have a built-in battery that lets you enjoy your sessions without worrying about running out of power.

A good portable dab rig should have a long battery life and an adjustable temperature control. This is important because different concentrates have different optimal temperatures for vaporization.

It would help if you also looked for a portable dab rig with a water filtration system. This will help you get the most flavor from cannabis oil and concentrates. Many options include showerhead percs, honeycomb percs, and intricate recycler systems.

Easy to Maintain

One of the biggest things you can do to ensure a quality dabbing experience is to keep your rig clean. This will not only help prevent clogging but also preserve the flavor and aroma of your concentrates. Luckily, cleaning your rig is relatively easy and requires minimal maintenance.

Cleaning your dab rig will save you time, money, and headaches in the long run. The first step in maintaining your rig is always changing the water regularly, preferably after each use. This will prevent a biofilm from forming on the water’s surface, which can harbor pathogens, including Strep, E. coli, black mildew, and others.

Next, if you decide to add a vapor dome, look for one that has an airflow system that helps prevent condensation. Finally, if you plan on using your rig for dabbing with friends, consider investing in a portable storage case to prevent it from getting cracked or broken during transit. This will also protect your rig from potential moisture damage and dust.

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