The Rise of Online Craft Tequila Shopping

A wine and spirits shop in suburban Minneapolis stocks several single-barrel picks. Their labels communicate a sense of exclusivity.

Premium spirits are a growing segment of the overall market. Consumers are increasingly purchasing premium brands for special occasions and gifts. Celebrity endorsements have aided this trend.


Online shopping makes finding the right drink a breeze. You can search by name, price range, brand, or color to quickly locate your desired drink. And, when you buy from a trusted retailer, you can also be sure you’re getting authentic drinks from brands you trust.

Many options are available when you shop for tequila online, including popular name brands and drinks made by smaller distilleries. In addition to a wide selection of traditional tequilas, you can also find bottles from some great brands.

For a diverse and curated selection of craft tequilas, the option to buy craft tequila online provides enthusiasts with a convenient platform to explore unique flavors and brands from the comfort of their homes. Buying tequila online is not only more convenient, but it can also be an excellent way to try new drinks that you might have yet to find in stores or bars. 

Tequila is a versatile spirit used in cocktails or sipped straight. From the fresh, crisp taste of Blanco tequilas to the complex, earthy notes of tequilas and the smooth, aged flavor of Reposado tequilas, there’s something for everyone.

Whether you’re looking for a quick shot before a party or a sip of tequila to enjoy with friends, there’s nothing like a quality spirit. And when you buy tequila online, you can be sure that the drink you’re getting is high-quality, authentic, and delicious. So, go ahead and order your tequila online—you won’t regret it!


Aside from being more accessible in the wallet, buying tequila online also allows you to compare different brands and make the best choice for your party. You can find the top-rated craft tequila brands in the USA at favorable prices from the right online store. You can even consult professionals to learn more about tequila and order the relevant drink for your party.

Craft tequila is designed to be enjoyed straight up or on the rocks, unlike its salty and chased cousin. It is a premium spirit that should be sipped, not salted or tracked, and it balances perfectly with a wide range of subtle flavors that other spirits would overpower, opening up an entirely new world of cocktails for bartenders to explore.

Tequila is the perfect complement to any cocktail. Using real tequila and sparkling water, our signature sugar-free beverage has only 88 calories per can. Try it on its own or use it to create classic tequila cocktails your customers will ask for by name. 


For those seeking to expand their tequila selection, the value of shopping online is apparent. Online prices vary significantly, and the range of options can be vast. Pricing primarily depends on the type and brand of tequila, factors like the distillation process, the aging of the spirit, and the packaging. Some tequilas can be purchased, while others cost thousands.

As the market grows, so does demand for tequilas that meet a high-quality standard. According to experts, sales of premium and super-premium tequilas rose 38.9% in 2021 compared to 2020 data and are poised to overtake the vodka category as America’s most popular spirits.

Some projects that the tequila category will see a steady volume growth between 2021 and 2026, with gains primarily coming from increased market penetration outside North America. The tequila industry will also be buoyed by the growing appreciation of agave in markets such as China and India, where sales more than doubled in H1 2023 off a much smaller base.

Despite the boom in the industry, many small tequila producers need help. Retail tequila sales have spiked during the coronavirus pandemic, but those numbers are heavily weighted toward large corporate brands. Small, independent tequila producers, such as fifth-generation family-owned, are declining 50 or 60 percent.

Social Media

The popularity of tequila is growing at an exponential rate in the USA. This is mainly due to social media influencers’ efforts to promote this drink to their followers. They promote it through various platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube. They have engaged their audiences by creating challenges, dance trends, hashtags, and more. They have also helped drive sales by promoting certain tequila brands at favorable rates.

The agave spirits category’s broad appeal and versatility are also fuelling growth. Its consumer appeal is partly rooted in its plant-based origin and perceived ‘better for me’ status, while its Mexican heritage and often artisanal production methods add a cultural appeal. “These factors encourage consumers to upgrade their Tequila choices and flavored tequilas to higher-end and single barrel bottlings,” say researchers.

Moreover, the category’s diverse product offering appeals to consumers of different ages and demographics. The range of new products, crafted by one of the few female master distillers, attracts interest from female shoppers.

Lastly, the availability of online stores makes it easier for consumers to purchase the desired tequila. They can compare the prices and quality of various bottles from various outlets.

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