Decorating a bedroom is super easy when you know what you're doing. These eleven simple tips will help you transform your space.

You’ve probably heard the statistic that we spend almost half our lifetime lying around in bed. With most Americans spending around 36 years in bed over the course of their lives, it’s clear that the bed is a pretty important bedroom fixture!

Of course, the time we spend sleeping doesn’t include the rest of the time we spend in our bedrooms for relaxation, work, and play. Given how important these spaces are in our lives, it’s safe to say that decorating a bedroom is an important project to tackle.

When it comes to finding the right look and feel for the space where you spend most of your time, how can you pick the right features? If you’re not sure where to start, here are ten great decorating ideas for designing a bedroom with style.

1. Use a Subtle Color Scheme

It may be tempting to choose bold, trendy colors for your room, but it’s always a smarter move to go with a subtler color scheme. This is especially true when it comes to major attention-grabbers like your walls, flooring, and window treatments.

Neutral colors and lighter hues allow you to add smaller pops of color throughout the room, changing up the color scheme as often as you like in years to come. This means you can redo the look of your room without a total makeover if you decide you don’t like the bold hue you originally chose!

2. Add Some Greenery

When most of us think of bedroom décor, we don’t think of houseplants—but we really should. Indoor plants help us minimize stress and clean the air, in addition to adding a pleasant touch of greenery to your space. Whether or not you’re incorporating other natural elements into your bedroom, options like these plants can go a long way toward making the room feel like a cozy safe haven.

3. Consider Your Space

The size of your bedroom matters when making decisions about what you put into it.

This goes beyond the physical space itself: you’ll also want to consider the visual weight of any furniture you’re bringing in. Bulky frames, chunky headboards, and ornate lamps can snap up a great deal of visual attention—and they can make the space feel cluttered if too many of these pieces are around. As needed, pair eye-grabbing pieces with minimal furniture to break up the flow.

4. Try Visual Trickery

It’s an inevitable truth that most people wish their bedroom were a bit larger—but some visual trickery can help with this.

Consider using vertical space with wall shelving that draws the eye upward, hang mirrors to trick the eye into thinking a room is larger than it is, or use a lighter color palette. In addition, floating shelves and nightstands as well as elevated furniture on thin legs can add the appearance of extra space.

5. Choose Double-Duty Furniture

The best bedroom décor includes pieces of multipurpose furniture that do double duty. Murphy beds, storage benches, and beds with drawers underneath can be a great way to cut back on clutter and add to your room’s functionality.

6. Add Personality With Artwork

Your choice of artwork can completely change the aesthetic of your room, so it’s important to choose wisely!

Based on the color scheme of a larger print, you can weave bold colors through the rest of your room, for example. Alternatively, you might want to jump on the gallery wall trend to add some personality to an otherwise boring wall space. Don’t forget to consider the frames of whatever you choose: whether you opt for a minimal look or an ornate style, it adds to the visual décor of your room overall.

7. Use Layered Lighting

Though you may have overhead lighting in your bedroom, it’s always a good idea to layer your lighting options. Consider adding floor lamps, reading lights, wall sconces, pendant lights, and dimmers to the space. Having multiple options can help you toggle your options depending on your activity while creating a cohesive look.

8. Consider Your Textures

Color is the first thing the eye pays attention to in a room, but texture is just as important—especially in a space where you’ll spend a great deal of time.

Though the bed may be the biggest focal point when it comes to soft textures, don’t forget to consider your window treatments, flooring, and any floor pillows. Depending on your preferences, you may even be able to add a visual sense of texture through your wallpaper or wall paneling.

9. Don’t Forget the Ceiling

It’s easy to overlook your ceiling, but don’t forget to include it in your decoration planning! Add a unique pop of color by wallpapering, stenciling, or painting. You might even want to add moldings for added texture and flair.

10. Stay True to Your Style

With thousands of opinions on room décor available online, you can be forgiven for getting a little lost in your search for the best designs! However, because your bedroom should be designed as a safe and comfortable space for you specifically, it’s important to stay true to your own style. Don’t hesitate to discard any tips you dislike, to add features that don’t fit with modern trends, or to think outside the box when it comes to the functionality you’re looking for.

Try These Tips When Decorating a Bedroom

Decorating a bedroom doesn’t have to be a massive endeavor, but it should be one that you put significant time and focus into. From the color scheme to your houseplants to the visual weight of your furniture, every minor detail can add up to create the perfect safe haven. With a little thought and effort, you can put together a place you’ll love spending all of your time in!

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