If your skin has been a victim of hard water, you could benefit from installing a citrus water softener. Explore more benefits of water softeners today.

Water softeners are not a new invention for those who live in hard water areas. Put simply; they interact with the water to remove impurities.

They come in two varieties. Traditional systems use salt as a softener. Yet, the best water softener is actually citric acid. Calcium and magnesium bind with citric acid rather than building upon surfaces.

Wondering if you need a citrus water softener? Read on to learn the five benefits of having them installed.

1. Enjoy Softer Skin 

Using a citrus-based water softener leaves your skin feeling softer and smoother.

The scale in hard water can make skin conditions like eczema worse. You need more soap to create a lather, which is more drying.

Even worse, the scale in the water combines with the soap to create soap scum. This can also irritate the skin. Removing the scale solves the problem.

Using a citrus filter water softener also cuts down on the harsh feeling of clothing washed in hard water.

2. Improve Your Hair

Soft water also does wonders for your hair. Hard water makes the scales on each shaft of hair stand up. This leads to your hair feeling rough or it getting tangled.

Soft water helps to keep the hair feeling smooth. That’s because the scales stay flat. Limescale doesn’t get a chance to build up beneath the scales on your hair. 

A citrus water softener helps to remove this scale from the water.

3. Enjoy More Efficient Cleaning

If hard water kills lather when you wash your face and hair, it does the same with other cleaning products. That means you need more product, more effort, and hotter water to get a good result.

Soft water removes these impurities so you can remove dirt with lower water temperatures and less product. That saves you money on both products and heating your water for cleaning.

4. Avoid Water Residue on Surfaces

Removing calcium and magnesium also gives a more ‘clean’ finish. You don’t end up with residue left behind on cars, windows, or glasses. That’s what causes those awful streaks on glassware after washing the dishes.

The scale from hard water can even damage car paintwork. Switching to soft water leads to better cleaning results. 

5. Keep Your Appliances Working for Longer

The scale deposits from hard water build-up in your boiler. This can lead to blockages as a worst-case scenario. 

At the same time, the deposits stop heat from transferring into the water. This lowers the efficiency of your boiler, meaning you’re paying to heat water but not feeling the benefits.

Soft water stops the buildup of limescale from hard water that can damage plumbing fixtures and other appliances. This means that appliances run more efficiently, so you save money. 

Try a Citrus Water Softener

Using a citrus water softener can help to cut down on the scale in your water. You can enjoy softer skin, better cleaning, and avoid damage to your appliances.

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