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There are quite a few fitness accessories as popular as sports bras. The meteoric rise of sports bras has cemented this fitness piece at the center of every workout.

Much like leggings and other clothing items, no woman can work out quite the same without it. But we’re here to tell you why sports bras beat leggings and other items when it comes to fitness. If you’re interested in learning more about that, make sure to continue reading.

It Keeps You Safe

Workouts can be quite intense depending on what you’re doing. When at the gym performing an intense exercise, getting injured isn’t out of the ordinary.

But every woman has to dress accordingly for the occasion. And since we’re talking about gyms, a sports bra is something a woman cannot leave the house and work out without.

Why? Well, because, it keeps you safe. But how is that? Men and women face unique problems when training and working out. In the case of women, it is Cooper’s Ligament. This ligament is located between the inner side of the breast skin and the pectoral muscles.

Quite a few exercises can damage it. And what would be the result of such damage – every woman’s worst nightmare! The Cooper’s Ligament is responsible for maintaining the shape of our breasts.

If this ligament gets damaged, then you’ll end up with breast sagging. One way to prevent that is to support the ligament when performing intensive workouts. The way to do that is to wear a sports bra.

Sports bras are specially designed to maintain just enough pressure to our chest to spot our breasts from freely moving while exercising. This kind of adequate support is exactly what’s needed to prevent damaging this ligament.

It’s Quite Comfortable

There are few fitness accessories and clothes that provide the same level of comfort as sports bras. While leggings are also popular guesses, women have plenty of ways to substitute them. One way is to wear shorts, but can you think of a way to substitute a sports bra while working out?

Simply said, there is no way to do that. While many of you would jump and answer “regular bra”, we beg to differ. Regular bras are quite uncomfortable if you buy the wrong size. While many of you would think otherwise, but 8 out of 10 women buy the wrong bra size.

That means working out with a wrong-size bra can make it nightmarishly painful to perform each exercise. Sports bras, on the other hand, are perfect even if you get the wrong size.

They’re designed to be comfortable for women while training and exercising, and that’s exactly what you’re getting from them.

It’s A Fashion Statement

Despite serving a unique purpose of being there to assist you while working out, sports bras are a fashion statement. A woman still has to look good even when she’s working out. That’s why every woman should own a couple of sports bras to complement her looks while at the gym.

You should have so many sports bras as you possibly can. If you have a home fitness gym, this is the place where you should keep them.

It Keeps Eyes Away From That Area

Quite a lot of women feel that guys stare at them while working out. And when guys do that, there are only two areas they’re interested in. When wearing a regular bra, you’re not getting anything from it.

Regular bras are loose, meaning your chest will always be the center of attention. One way to prevent guys, and girls, from starring at your chest while working out is to wear a sports bra. As mentioned in a previous point, sports bras keep everything nice and tight.

This means that they also won’t let anything embarrassing happen while working out.

It Helps You Heal

Injuries while exercising are far too common. Some even require medical procedures to take care of. When that’s the case, a sports bra will not only help you better heal, but it is essential when going through surgery related to your chest.

Although many of you are wondering what has this got to do with fitness, allow us to remind you that every athlete needs to overcome their injuries to get back on their feet. And for women going through chest-related injuries, a sports bra is the fitness accessory to help them heal much faster.

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