A wig grip band is a great way to secure your wig or hair topper without needing glue, tape or clips. It’s a soft velvet fabric that lightly grips your hair.

Choosing a comfortable wig grip that fits well and is made from quality material is best. It also helps if it has some breathability to avoid scalp irritation.


A wig grip band is a soft, comfortable solution for securing a wig or hair topper without glue. They are made of double-sided crushed velvet to resist fabric slipping and have an adjustable velcro closure on the back of the headband. This allows the band to be worn comfortably on any hat, scarf, pretied or wig. The lace parting option is best for monofilament wigs, as it will enable the hairpiece to blend into your natural scalp and look more realistic.

These bands are available in various materials that vary in breathability and texture. A mesh cap is great if you live in a warm climate, as it will allow your scalp to breathe and avoid overheating. Mesh caps also offer much support and flexibility, which can help prevent your wig from slipping around on the crown or sides of your head while you wear it.

The velour grip band is a great choice for those who want a more durable, long-lasting option that won’t stretch out over time. This wig grip is designed with a small section of velvet on the top that grips your hair system, then transitions into a clear adjustable cord in the back so you can adjust it to fit your head shape and size.


A velcro grip band is perfect for those with thin or fine hair. It secures the wig or hair topper without putting much pressure on the scalp, making it a safe alternative to adhesives and tape. It’s also more flexible than other grip bands, making it easy to get a comfortable fit. This wig grip band can be worn long without feeling too tight.

Another advantage of a velcro grip band is that it can be used with different wigs and hair topper styles. It’s ideal for monofilament wigs, which have a natural-looking scalp at the hairline, as it helps to reduce slippage and give a more secure hold for the wig or hair topper.

Most wig grip bands come in various colors, including black, dark brown, and neutral brown. The color of the wig grip band should match your head to avoid it showing through your hair or making your wig look uneven on your head. To test which shade fits your hair best, lightly rub the wig grip band against it to see if it slips or grips.

Some wig grip bands come paired with a wig cap to help ensure the wig stays in place. This is an excellent choice for those who want to keep their natural hair under wraps while wearing a wig, especially if they plan to wear it in warm weather or for long periods.


If you don’t like the velcro grip bands but want to spare your hair, try an elastic-back wig band. These bands have a thin elastic strap in the back, allowing you to adjust the tightness without worrying about leaving ugly marks on your head or snagging your hair. They also offer a strong hold while compressing, not stressing your hair.

They are also great for sensitive skin because they do not require direct contact with your scalp. This is especially important for those who have undergone chemotherapy, which can cause adhesive sensitivity.

Another plus to these bands is that they are also great for long hair, which tends to slip out of scrunchies. They also work well for braids and are a good option for those who don’t want to show their hair tie.

The only downside of this hair band is that it doesn’t hold as tightly as a velcro one. The silicone has less traction and gripping power.

Clear wig elastics are another option that works well for ponytails, but they do not have as good a grip as a velcro or silicone band. 

Clear Cord

Compared to glue, this is an easy and convenient way to secure your wig. It’s also less expensive and does not damage your natural hair. The best part is that it leaves no unsightly marks or residue. This grip band comes in various colors that match most hair color shades and is suitable for everyday use.

This wig grip band is made from food-grade silicone that’s safe and easy to clean. It’s transparent so that it won’t show through your wig’s hair, and its special design provides a non-stick but secure fit. It’s comfortable and has a double-sided design; the shorter grip drops are meant to be worn inside your scalp, and the longer ones should be worn outside.

It’s available in various sizes and can be easily adjusted thanks to its hook and loop fastener. It’s also made from breathable materials to prevent your scalp from getting too hot or sweaty when you wear your wig for extended periods. This one-size-fits-all all-wig grip also has precision stitching, a sewn-on brand logo, and is machine washable. Plus, it’s backed by a 90-day money-back guarantee. 

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