We are fascinated by sad movies for several reasons. For one thing, they are less boring. Their intensity is greater, and they are more beautiful. In addition, they make us more tolerant of pain. These sad movies guaranteed to make you cry every time: They can make us tender and emotional.

Less Dull

Sad movies aren’t always necessary. However, some movies can make us feel better. For example, Roma is a visually stunning film about the hardships of being a child in Mexico City. Its themes are based on the director’s experience growing up in the city under the care of many women, including domestic workers. The women’s stories display the harsh reality in this film.

More Intense

People are drawn to sad movies for a variety of reasons. One study found that people respond to sad movies in a way that changes their perception of reality. The researchers studied the film Angel Baby and found that participants who responded with greater sadness were more likely to think of it as more realistic. This increased their engagement with the film and made them more likely to enjoy it.

One reason for this may lie in the fact that people who watch sad movies often are in a depressed mood. Many people watch sad movies during the fall and winter months when feelings of melancholy are common. The sadness is linked to an increase in oxytocin, termed the “cuddle hormone.”

Increases Pain Tolerance

The latest study suggests that watching sad movies can boost your pain tolerance. Researchers from Oxford University found that watching these films triggers the release of endorphins, which are natural painkillers. They also found that participants’ pain tolerance increased by 13.1%. The researchers concluded that these findings suggest that watching sad movies could increase pain tolerance in many ways.

To investigate whether watching sad movies can increase pain tolerance, the researchers conducted a study that split participants into two groups. The first group watched a sad documentary, while the second watched a more upbeat movie. Both groups sat with their legs bent, and the group that viewed the sad film tended to endure the pain for longer. In addition, the group that watched the sad film tended to have higher pain tolerance, lasting about 13% longer than the other group. Previous studies have also found that laughing and dancing may help to increase pain tolerance. Similarly, working in a group can also increase pain tolerance.

Induces Feelings of Tenderness

People who appreciate sad movies tend to feel a sense of tenderness and sadness. The feeling is often associated with the film’s sadness but can also be induced by laughter. This is because people who watch sad movies expect to feel something meaningful, while people who enjoy comedy films will be more amused by them.

Researchers from Oxford University found that people tend to feel more tenderness when they watch sad movies. This may be because crying releases endorphins, which improve pain tolerance and lead to a feeling of good emotions. The emotional connection people feel from watching sad movies can make people appreciate their closest relationships.

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